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Our Mission

Learning is lifelong

Inspiring each child is our creed.

The teachable spirit burns strong

As we climb the ladder to succeed.


Why Choose Us

We teach in small groups for effective learning. The lessons conducted go beyond mere academic content as we believe in imparting study skills and leaning techniques. This makes the young learner gain independence for lifelong learning.

We include value-addedness in each lesson. All our materials, worksheets and resource sheets are original. They are written and created by our in-house editors and follow closely to the school syllabus.

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Our Staff

Our teachers are trained professionals and specialise in subjects of English, Math or Science. This ensures the quality of knowledge and teaching skills as they have the wealth of thorough research and actual teaching experience in that particular subject concentration.

Each teacher holds between 10 to 25 years of teaching experience, possess relevant teaching degrees and qualifications and have experience teaching in Ministry of education (MOE) certified schools.

Our teachers focus on the personal growth and development of each child and interact successfully with the children in the age group they teach.



Primary Classes

We provide weekday and weekend lessons in Primary English, Math and Science from the levels of Primary 1 through Primary 6.


Secondary Classes

We provide weekday and weekend lessons in English, Math, Science and Humanities from the levels of Secondary 1 through Secondary 4 and Year 1 through Year 6.


Combo Classes

Combo Primary Classes:

2 subject-combination package, 3 subject combination package

Our Classes

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  • Future Media Publisher, Television Host and Travel Journalist

    Lau Jae Yee (Primary 6 Innova Primary School)

    English is my favourite subject as it allows me to express my thoughts and emotions through words. In Miss Sharon's classes, I am transported to worlds beyond my imagination and I can never see English lessons the same again.

  • Future First Woman President of Singapore

    Allyscia Pereira (Primary 6 Raffles Girl's Primary School)

    Every lesson at Scholar's Inc. is a life lesson. Miss Sheila encourages me to write with flourish, articulate with confidence and dream big. She challenges my mind to reach for the stars.

  • Future Strategist, Statistician and Presidential Candidate

    Calixton Rong (Primary 6 River Valley Primary School)

    There is never a dull moment in Math because Miss Wendy has many surprises up her sleeve. Whenever I think that I have perfected my learning method and calculation, she comes up with something new that baffles me.

    Our Testimonials

    Our current students come from Singapore Schools and Independent schools across the island. We have students from Primary 1 to Primary 6 from MOE Primary Schools, Secondary 1 to Secondary 4 from MOE Secondary Schools and Independent Schools and Year 1 to Year 6 from IP/IB schools and Junior Colleges.


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